Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Saying Goodbye Never Felt So Good

Often when one writes or speaks of saying goodbye they describe it as bittersweet. There is sadness in leaving what was but, excitement about what is to come. The current situation may be sour but, there are still fond memories from the past. The heart is pulled in opposite directions. There is a struggle with mixed emotions.

This is not that post. I have felt nothing but joy in saying goodbye to our worthless shed, which we often refer to as the shitty shed. 
We have been trying to get this piece of crap torn down since October. We had to jump through some hoops with the village for permits because we live an historical area and then our first contractor bailed on us. You would think that the village would be happy to get something this ugly off of Main St.

It is not even painted the same color on all sides!
I'm guessing that just clearing this thing out doubles our property value. As you can see in the above photo, the whole thing is held up by 12 pieces of wood and the roof is peeling back like a tuna can. The roof started to do this a couple months ago when we had several high wind storms. The shed leaked everywhere and had no door. Nothing of any sort of value could be stored in it. Which means everything that would typically be stored in a shed or garage we have had in the house.

The demo began last week.
Photo: Shed demo underway
Demo took no time as the whole structure was about to collapse as it was.

Photo: Progress

This morning the crew arrived a little after 6am to begin pouring the concrete for our new garage. I am really looking forward to having a place to store Red and our tools.

Photo: Concrete!

Seeing that this is a running blog, I guess I should talk about that too. It has been HOT and near 100 degrees frequently the last few weeks. Fortunately, mother nature has been more kind the last few days and did not continue the high temp trend as had been predicted.

 I ran 11.5 miles on Saturday with my running club. I got left behind at the half way point because I was running farther than everyone else and therefore could not keep up their pace any longer. It is probably good for me to try and push the pace a bit on my long runs at times although it really made the last couple of miles suck bad.

Sunday I worked an extra 12 hour shift and didn't run. Last night I got in a wonderful hilly/kinda fast 8.5 milers. I also did a high intensity workout that included jump squats that has left my legs hurting. This morning Piper and I did a short 3.5 mile run before it got too hot. Tonight I will be heading out again for a short run with my friend Jenn. 

This Saturday I will be heading back to my hometown of McLeansboro, IL to run a 5K put on by the high school cross country team. Last year I finished 4th female and placed in my age group. Oh, the fun of small races. 

Have you ever been so happy to GOODBYE?

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  1. LOL Congratulations on getting rid of the shitty shed! And yes, I can relate to the feeling of intense relief you are no doubt enjoying right now. My own personal shitty shed was a dilapidated fishing boat that my ex-husband left behind. I was never so glad to see that piece of crap hauled away to the junkyard.!