Sunday, June 3, 2012

May Recap

The miles decreased in the month of May due to tapering for the race and then a few days of recovery. I will post a race recap for the Madison Half Marathon soon. This week has been very busy. I have had little motivation to work out since the race. I need to get it back into gear though as I have already registered for my next event. The Flatlanders 6 and 12 hour race. I will be running the 6 hour option September 2nd.

05/01/2012Run / Jog
6.0 mi56:499:28

05/04/2012Run / Jog
20.0 mi3:20:3210:01

05/07/2012Run / Jog
7.0 mi1:05:249:20

05/07/2012Total Body

05/08/2012Run / Jog
8.0 mi1:11:378:57

05/13/2012Run / Jog
6.5 mi1:02:009:32

05/14/2012Run / Jog
13.5 mi2:12:009:46

05/15/2012Run / Jog
5.0 mi48:159:39


05/20/2012Run / Jog
6.1 mi56:309:15


05/22/2012Run / Jog
3.0 mi27:139:04

05/27/2012Run / Jog
13.1 mi1:58:599:04

Total Miles
Total Hours


  1. A 6 hour race sounds fun! Do you have a mileage goal for it?

  2. I am going to be following a 50k training plan. I was really hoping to have a marathon completed for this race so I could better judge what my goal should be. That of course didn't pan out. I had hoped to run the full in 4 hours. I'm thinking 35 miles will be a good goal.

  3. Solid workout month. So sorry your 1st marathon was cancelled.....what a total bummer. Hope the half was fun.