Monday, July 2, 2012

June Recap

June was a low mileage month. I think I enjoyed and drug out my recovery from the marathon that didn't happen. I have also been dragging my butt to start training for the Flatlanders 6 Hour race. It is hard to get motivated when I don't have a set distance that I have to run to get to the finish. There is also the heat that everyone has been complaining about. It was pretty much 100 degrees most of last week and will be all of this week. My motto for July will be: "Embrace the heat."

06/02/2012 Hike


06/03/2012 Run


06/04/2012 Run


06/05/2012 Run


06/05/2012 Strength


06/10/2012 Run


06/11/2012 Run


06/12/2012 Run

06/13/2012 Run

06/15/2012 Run

06/17/2012 Run


06/18/2012 Run

06/19/2012 Run

06/23/2012 Run


06/25/2012 Run

06/25/2012 Strength

06/26/2012 Run

06/30/2012 Run

Total Miles: 83.3
Total Hours: 15.07
Total Workouts: 18

I only did two strength workouts and no yoga. Not good and it is noticeable. Must get with it in July
How was your June?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Saying Goodbye Never Felt So Good

Often when one writes or speaks of saying goodbye they describe it as bittersweet. There is sadness in leaving what was but, excitement about what is to come. The current situation may be sour but, there are still fond memories from the past. The heart is pulled in opposite directions. There is a struggle with mixed emotions.

This is not that post. I have felt nothing but joy in saying goodbye to our worthless shed, which we often refer to as the shitty shed. 
We have been trying to get this piece of crap torn down since October. We had to jump through some hoops with the village for permits because we live an historical area and then our first contractor bailed on us. You would think that the village would be happy to get something this ugly off of Main St.

It is not even painted the same color on all sides!
I'm guessing that just clearing this thing out doubles our property value. As you can see in the above photo, the whole thing is held up by 12 pieces of wood and the roof is peeling back like a tuna can. The roof started to do this a couple months ago when we had several high wind storms. The shed leaked everywhere and had no door. Nothing of any sort of value could be stored in it. Which means everything that would typically be stored in a shed or garage we have had in the house.

The demo began last week.
Photo: Shed demo underway
Demo took no time as the whole structure was about to collapse as it was.

Photo: Progress

This morning the crew arrived a little after 6am to begin pouring the concrete for our new garage. I am really looking forward to having a place to store Red and our tools.

Photo: Concrete!

Seeing that this is a running blog, I guess I should talk about that too. It has been HOT and near 100 degrees frequently the last few weeks. Fortunately, mother nature has been more kind the last few days and did not continue the high temp trend as had been predicted.

 I ran 11.5 miles on Saturday with my running club. I got left behind at the half way point because I was running farther than everyone else and therefore could not keep up their pace any longer. It is probably good for me to try and push the pace a bit on my long runs at times although it really made the last couple of miles suck bad.

Sunday I worked an extra 12 hour shift and didn't run. Last night I got in a wonderful hilly/kinda fast 8.5 milers. I also did a high intensity workout that included jump squats that has left my legs hurting. This morning Piper and I did a short 3.5 mile run before it got too hot. Tonight I will be heading out again for a short run with my friend Jenn. 

This Saturday I will be heading back to my hometown of McLeansboro, IL to run a 5K put on by the high school cross country team. Last year I finished 4th female and placed in my age group. Oh, the fun of small races. 

Have you ever been so happy to GOODBYE?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Castlewood State Park Hike 6/2/12

This hike at Castlewood was really a lot of fun. The park is only about an hour away from our house in Missouri. It is amazing what leaving Southern Illinois can do for a change of scenery. There was a pretty good climb up to the cliff over looking the river. It was Piper's first hike with us and she had a great time.

This morning I got up and did my first double digit run since Madison (10 miles). It was muggy and no fun. If my fellow Metro Miler Mel hadn't been with me, I probably would have stopped and walked a lot. It has been a long exhausting weekend. The town festival went down in my front and side yards this weekend. The down side of living on Main Street. The karaoke/beer garden on the side of the house and the sound of vuvuzelas being sold in front of the house made it difficult to sleep. I have no more words.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Madison Marathon Report 5/21/12

I mean half marathon. Although I was disappointed the full was canceled it did make for a much more relaxing trip for the husband and I. We hadn't had a fun weekend away in awhile. Only running 13.1 miles when you have been training for 26.2 makes for fresh legs. We we able to do many fun things Sunday afternoon after the race. I also wan't too sore on Monday.  Now about that race.

The Expo was pretty easy to find, but parking to go in was another story. Many/all of the streets are one ways in madison. Some aren't until you get to a certain point and then they are. It was challenging at times to navigate. The city is very pedistrian/biker friendly which also led to driving difficulties. Oh and there was the Internation Brat Festival being held which increased foot traffic. The Expo was typical.

Sunday I woke at 5:30, ate my usual long run breakfast and walked to the start line. The walk from the hotel to the Capital building took about 10-15 minutes.
We got there pretty early and there was a lot of waiting around to do. Although I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, I felt comfortable standing around waiting. That was the first sign that it was going to be a hot run. It was getting close to 70 degrees and it wasn't even 7am yet.
Now the Madison Marathon organizers did a great job at communicating to all the runners the status of the full marathon and why it was canceled. They spoke to local hotels so that runners wouldn't be penalized for canceling their rooms. They posted on the webpage, they emailed, blogged and facebooked. If you didn't know what was going on, it was your own fault.

Now for some suggestions if they have to cancel the full marathon in the future. First, get permits for an earlier start. I believe this is the 3rd time heat has been an issue since 2006. This is something I was not aware of until they said they were canceling the full marathon due to past experiences with people running in the heat. 

Second, the pacers need to be in the crowd much sooner so that people know where to go. Five minutes before the start I went over to the start area. There were no signs for pace groups. Seeing that I am not all that fast, but still didn't want to get stuck behind the people that walk within the first mile, I tried to get in the middle. Then 30 seconds before the gun went off, here come pacers with their big signs and I see the two hour pace group sign about 100 people in front of me. Not much I could do about it then.

Third, they made two races one and made no changes to the format. The full marathon was a sell out and the half was close to being sold out days before the race. Even if several full marathoners chose not to run, there were still A LOT of people. You can't just cram two races into one. There needed to be a staggered start to help with crowding. I was still weaving around people at mile 6.
It also didn't help that the start was an immediate 'S' turn and the runners were smashed into one car lane. There were nearly 4,400 runners.

The course went through many neighborhoods. The crowd support was good and the water stop volunteers were excellent. What was suppose to be the most scenic part of the race ended up being the most difficult part of the race. It was a 4 mile (total) out and back along a lake. Sounds nice, right? Well, it would have been except it was in the last 5 miles of the race, there was no shade and you are just feet away from all the people heading back. It was tempting to just jump the median and start running back the other way.
Pretty, too bad it is mid 80s at this point.
Due to heat and humidity was I was drenched in sweat by mile 2. It was at this point that I knew a half marathon PR was not happening. It was just after mile 6 that I was thankful I was not running a full marathon. Seeing that the majority of my training was done during the winter and spring, I just wasn't prepared for this amount of heat.

This ended up being my second worst half marathon time.
Time: 1:58:55
Pace: 9:05
Overall: 1632/4394
Age Div: 133/545
All Females: 572/2398

Madison was a fun town and I would like to visit it again. Running this race will not be a part of the visit next time.
Walking back to the hotel. Happy to be done.

As I mentioned in my last post, my next race is the The Flatlanders 6 Hour Race September 2nd. I was going to use my marathon finishing time to make a goal for this race. Since the marathon fell through, it is going to be a shot in the dark. I had hoped to finish the full around 4 hours. So in 6 hours maybe I could run 35 miles? Sounds like a nice round number to aim for.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

May Recap

The miles decreased in the month of May due to tapering for the race and then a few days of recovery. I will post a race recap for the Madison Half Marathon soon. This week has been very busy. I have had little motivation to work out since the race. I need to get it back into gear though as I have already registered for my next event. The Flatlanders 6 and 12 hour race. I will be running the 6 hour option September 2nd.

05/01/2012Run / Jog
6.0 mi56:499:28

05/04/2012Run / Jog
20.0 mi3:20:3210:01

05/07/2012Run / Jog
7.0 mi1:05:249:20

05/07/2012Total Body

05/08/2012Run / Jog
8.0 mi1:11:378:57

05/13/2012Run / Jog
6.5 mi1:02:009:32

05/14/2012Run / Jog
13.5 mi2:12:009:46

05/15/2012Run / Jog
5.0 mi48:159:39


05/20/2012Run / Jog
6.1 mi56:309:15


05/22/2012Run / Jog
3.0 mi27:139:04

05/27/2012Run / Jog
13.1 mi1:58:599:04

Total Miles
Total Hours